This site will examine a variety of philosophical arguments through the medium of film. You will engage a wide range of exciting thinkers, issues, and movies with the goal of understanding both how our world is and how we want it to be.
This site will engage some of the central questions surrounding the human experience through the medium of film. We will seek to understand some of the major ideas and thinkers in Western thought over a period of roughly three thousand years. We will deal with a great variety of subjects that any intelligent human being would care about, engaging these topics with a critical, analytical, and rational approach. This site is not about supplying facile answers to questions like “Why do bad things happen to good people?” Rather, this site is about learning to think for yourself—while watching good movies. Together, we will try our best to understand the world around us through these great thinkers and films.
Philosophy gives us a sense of personhood, place, and purpose, and that film is a concentrated medium particularly suited for this. Film forces us to change perspective, and through our identification with characters that may be very different from us: gender, age, species … we see the humanity in others, and therefore increase it in ourselves. Art makes us better people.